John-Ward Leighton

Photo ©Copyright by John-Ward Leighton: Mirrors
Photo ©Copyright by John-Ward Leighton

Coffee with Ken,
Lunch with Horst
then set up my camera
for the back and forth.

Watched the old people
on the bus
they were probably just
as old as us.

They are very tentative
when standing up
with shaking hands
they grab the handles thus.

Wondering when it will
become my time
to cling to life
by such a fragile thread.

It had me wondering
if I
would be better off

An old friend
was put below ground yesterday
John Carson hooked up and
stood in the door his final time that day.

Family and friends
said their goodbyes
all with sorrow in their hearts
and tears in their eyes.

It had me thinking
about all the lads from our time
what ever happened
to all those sleek young animals?

My mind says
this can’t be me
and I can’t believe
what I’m forced to see.

I surely won’t
take any beauty prize
anytime soon
before my demise.

I don’t hear so well
any more
and asking people to repeat themselves
has become a bore.

And as the old army song says
My eyes are dim
I cannot see
I have not brought my specs with me.

The music plays
and the young people dance
my heart keeps in tune
but for my feet there is no chance.

And then the weight of memory
it seemed like yesterday
a hundred years ago.
The faces in yellowing photographs glow.

Fathers, Mothers, Sisters and Brothers
and dear old friends
have left this mortal coil
for other distant destinations.

Life is short the poets say
so suck it up and remember the good
and enjoy
the day.

There is a shinning truth and laughter
to conquer all our fears.
We see it daily, brightly reflected, in our morning