John-Ward Leighton


Long pauses in the narrative
while the world rushes by
totally uninterested in who
will live and who will die.
Bomb blasts and sirens on the sound track
tunes to punctuate the lies told
from hell and back.
Is a coward willing to die for the cause
or do the cowards cower behind the walls
awaiting the applause
for churning out lies to indoctrinate
the cannon fodder that is the poor?
Both sides complete the circle of evil
that would have innocents die
for God or power.
We live in a dream world
without reason or rhyme
that says we can have peace and war
at the same time.
we see the approaching storm
with no place to hide or run.
The sky is falling says CNN
but buy this junk while you wait
so we can say it again and again.
Life and death as entertainment is the plan,
surreal and sometimes hilarious and sometimes solemn
don’t mind the “special effects” from Washington.
Sit back and relax,
and enjoy a great big Texas welcome
to the mushroom cloud fireworks
of the

Submitted for the July 2005 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Maelstrom