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John-Ward Leighton CD: Jazz Annoys Me This Morning
That Was Then
Photo ©Copyright 2012 by John-Ward Leighton

John-Ward Leighton CD: Jazz Annoys Me This Morning
This Is Now
Photo ©Copyright 2012 by John-Ward Leighton
the selection from wwoz this morning
is concentrating on elevator music
so have changed to techno white noise
with a beat
and turned it down
so my neighbours can sleep
better yet have put on my headset
and then have a sudden sneezing set
picture this
an old guy wearing a Perry Como sweater
sitting in his gaunch
sneezing and blowing his nose
and wiping the chunks off his computer screen
taking a sip of his coffee
and searching his just woke up addled mind
for words to inspire the day
before he gets dressed into his biking outfit
prior to going out in the morn
and treating himself to the endorphins
from a brisk ride around the park
are you ready shouts the DJ
ready for what says
my barely awake brain
still half in dream land
struggling to get through
a narrow space
in the obstacle course of old
in memory fifty years ago
searching for his rifle no longer there
and hitting the panic button
while the pyrotechnics go off
behind you and over you
a simulation all too true
and awakening in a sweat
just how real these escape dreams can get
or landing with a thump
on the very hard ground
looking around slightly stunned
tangled in your chute
and the realization
that even though you did everything wrong
on this jump
and would have the bruises to prove it
somehow you survived intact
and lived to fight another day