John-Ward Leighton


Photos ©Copyright 2010 by John-Ward Leighton

Photos ©Copyright 2010 by John-Ward Leighton
Photos ©Copyright 2010 by John-Ward Leighton
the mind is immortal
in the mind
oblivion is unimagined
but oblivion awaits
us all

what you know
or don’t know
is for the sceptics
to question
and even then there are no clear answers

what is fact to some
is superstition
to others
and truly held beliefs
do not constitute fact

slogans for behaviour
are just that, slogans
he died for king and country,
really, which king,
and which country?

now we sacrifice
our young men and women
for what?
our freedom
or the dictates of our latest empire?

our current shaky prosperity
tied to an ecological disaster in the oil sands
lead by a Bush wannabe
as our armed forces are given over
to the command of a foreign country

another poor lad
killed in a foreign land
half way round the world
the Bush wannabe
sheds bogus crocodile tears

and then it’s on to the next
and another sombre parade
down the highway of heroes
for whose king and empire

oblivion has
come for another brave lad
one hundred fifty one and counting
and still another year to go
in the mind