John-Ward Leighton


Photo ©Copyright 2007 by John-Ward Leighton
Photo ©Copyright 2007 by John-Ward Leighton
I sit here
starring at the screen
and the images change
to what might have been.
Two hundred dead today in Iraq:
two funerals in Canada
for those of our soldiers not coming back.
That sink hole of despair
that is Afghanistan
if we left now
would that mean we ran?
Can we only keep the faith
by having more deaths
to honour the deaths
we already have?
Which death will be enough?
To be in this game
you have to take the smooth
with the rough.
Who is leading the band
in this dark and distant land?
What is our national interest there?
And don’t give me the N.A.T.O. dance
when Harper puts on the helmet
for something more than a photo op
and flyby for the corporate press
I’ll then believe he will solve
this mess.
Right now we see his MPs marching
in a parade to honour
the architect
of the Air India bomb atrocity
with people known to be in a terrorist group.
I remember the smirk on the faces
of the acquitted co-conspirators in the trial.
I’ll remember that for quite a while.
Don’t any of these politicians pay attention?
Why would we trust them to take us to a war
when they obviously don’t seem to know
what is happening here?
We fiddle while our small town best and brightest
are sacrificed so we can make war on a word.
Eight more good men
gone from this mortal coil
its enough to make my blood boil.
All these lives for oil.
But the politicians
have yet to be traumatized
and it would seem
like they have all been
screwed, blued, tattooed, brainwashed
and mesmerized
by the BS of the Bush regime
and act like zombies that have been