John-Ward Leighton


There is a sombre day out there today,
It’s the 9/11 anniversary.
Have we learned anything?
Have we made the world a better place
or are we still running
frantically toward the abyss?
The only thing we have seemed to have achieved is
war all the time
as peace rapidly disappears
in our combat rear view mirrors.

Sitting in my gaunch
in my little one room ranch
the virtual world
within my reach
as I churn out input for my blog
there is our Co-op circus today
I’ll join the kids
and photograph them
at play.

The sun is shining
and the air is crisp and cool
as I sit here typing
and shivering
like a silly old

Some religious wing nut out there
wants to burn books
others nuts don’t want a mosque to be built
both claim the right
to religious freedom
for themselves but not for others.
The streets in distant cities
chant death to America

and it would seem

and it’s enough
to make you scream
that the purpose of religious freedom
is the right to be murderously


Author’s Note: WWOZ on the sound track, the usual Celtic hour, somehow suitable music to play seeing old buddy Bobby “Da Budge” Budgell off this mortal coil. There are tears in my eyes as I dance around in time to the fiddles, flute and squeeze box. If I was still a drinking man I would surely lift a dram in respect for the stalwart stand up man that was our Bob.