John-Ward Leighton CD


I received a phone call from friend Barrie Sullivan who was driving to work he told me to turn on my TV to CNN and that something awful had just happened in New York. I turned on my TV in time to see the second plane hit the World Trade Centre and then a quick look at the Pentagon and the report of the crash in the farmer’s fields.

I watched all day as the drama unfolded and marvelled at the confusion and lack of leadership and the complete sense of the collapse of the bureaucracies that could have prevented it, nothing worked the way it was intended to, the highly rated air defence system was a buck short and two hours late.

As usual the innocent were punished and the guilty were rewarded, its the American way, as each year as we pick the scabs off the ongoing grief of the survivors and their loved ones, The Psychiatric Association maintains that grief lasting more than two months becomes a form of mental disease but what can you do when the nation demands your grief year after year and it becomes the reason for wars in countries that had nothing to do with it while the guilty country Saudi Arabia causes war in yet another country Syria as we speak( fourteen of the sixteen hijackers were from Saudi Arabia and the entire operation was financed by money from Saudi Arabia) So we did the WMD dance and were lied to about the intelligence to go to war in Iraq and Afghanistan. What fools we humans be.

I wish there were a way we could fill the void in the lives of the loved ones who continue to be the subject of our collective grief, as we can’t imagine the pain caused when we read the names at ground zero each year.