John-Ward Leighton CD


John-Ward Leighton CD: Don’t Let The White Hair Fool You
Photo ©Copyright 2012 by John-Ward Leighton CD
Canadian vets can still kick ass
at least that’s what the badge says
with the eleventh of November fast approaching
I’m somewhat ambivalent
about the emphasis of the day
its about those that didn’t survive
man’s greatest folly
which is war
somehow our hard fought liberties
were won on the field of battle
when in truth the rights were wrenched
from the greedy hands of our own elites
who in these troubled times
are all too busy trying
to take them away
to please the corporations and the 1%
by criminalizing protest
be it deemed violent or peaceful
in our phony democracy
where 39% constitutes an overwhelming majority
and omnibus bills
to stifle debate
and wilfully pollute the environment
and allow the corporate fascists
our home-grown Nazis
the same ideology that we
fought in WW2
to suck us into client wars
in Korea, Bosnia and Afghanistan
as the war machine gobbles up taxpayer dollars
at an obscene rate
while the populous
is lulled into support
by the cheerleading corporate press
prepare yourself for
a week of
derring-do TV
about the battles fought and won
at a horrendous cost
and old men with tears in their eyes
and chests full of medals
remember their comrades sacrifices
and reaffirming their allegiance to the nation
while the war profiteers who never fight the wars
laugh their way to the bank