John-Ward Leighton


John-Ward Leighton: Breakfast Now And Then: 2008/1944
John-Ward Leighton ©Copyright by John-Ward Leighton
Breakfast now, a stand-up job over my sink alone, my power drink, blueberries, a bananas, strawberries, a scoop of raw oatmeal and 4 oz. of 1% milk with a coffee chaser in my 72nd year with my sound track playing in my ear pods, scanning the internet for the latest on the robbery of the century as the banks, instead of them being robbed, by their own stupidity and greed have pulled off the greatest looting of OPM and the tax player in history with their henchmen, the politicians, driving the getaway car.

Breakfast then, sitting down to a kitchen table with my Uncle George and the hired man and the hired girl and Auntie Mame after milking the cows and cleaning out the horse stalls and feeding the horses, cows and chickens all before seven in the morning. Having a good wash up and changing into clothes suitable for school.

Breakfast then was a more elaborate meal with a bowl of perceives with real cream, hot cakes, ham, sausages or bacon, eggs, scrambled, poached or fried, toast and homemade jam. I was deemed too young for coffee or tea so a glass of milk had to do.

Our sound track then was an old battery radio with the farm broadcast and the news. No talking was allowed while the news was on as there were two sons off to fight the war, one in Italy and one in Belgium and the terrible Battle for the Sheldt was taking place. Victory in Europe was still seven months hence many hearts to broken with that fateful telegram before it was over.

I was born during the last Great Depression but I was a kid and for a kid, life is what it is having nothing to compare it with in life experience. I can tell you this there is no such thing as the “good old days”. We were just young then and dumber than a bag full of hammers. It’s good to be where I am and the only real thing is now. If you have no now, you are dead – or should be.