John-Ward Leighton


John-Ward Leighton: Barn Swallows And Good Lucki got bumped by a male barn swallow
on the roof top gardens
on the last sunny day
of this miserable month

it’s supposed to be good luck
when that happens
but I think that beautiful bird
was just defending his turf

he flew away chirping
a warning to his mate
that this big lug
was too close to the nest

i didn’t notice anyone missing
from my circle of friends
so i guess none of them
were eligible for the “rapture”

i’m sure the dip shit
who predicted it
is puzzled as to why
he is still here

i wonder if those fools
who sold everything
and are now among the homeless
learned anything from this charade

the Israeli prime minister
laid the law down to the president
but like the comics I saw the bubble above
the president’s head that said ya on whose dime

the war against the Palestinians
has been waged on the back of American aid
to Israel for the last fifty some odd years
it will be interesting to see if Obama wields the whip hand

i guess my good luck is to be among
those still standing
when so many more deserving