John-Ward Leighton


they sit at game consoles
in air conditioned trailers
in the Arizona desert
guiding their drones
looking at the boring landscape
ten thousand miles away
then on orders from their minders
launch an anti tank missile
into a mud walled compound

the missile explodes
scattering debris and body parts
over the landscape
mission accomplished
body count ten children
three women
and three old men

time for lunch
turn the console over to another assassin
and go home for a nosh with the wife and kids
a slightly better job
than applying sensory deprivation
and water boarding in Cuba
or at home grown institutions
called Super Max prisons
holding upwards
of two million inmates

all in secret
there is no need to scare
the tax paying public
and criminalizing those that
reveal the truth
no worry the compliant media
will bury the story and the truth
while assisting those of their
political ideologies
phone hacking
bribing police
and encouraging
on open mouth radio stations
monsters like the one in Norway
to become their own
lone gunman