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John-Ward Leighton CD: An Essay On War
Cenotaph: Vancouver BC
Photo ©Copyright 2012 by John-Ward Leighton CD
I have been thinking about this for quite some time and, like a burr under a saddle, even when the horse no longer feels it, it still creates a saddle sore. It’s about a wrong we cannot seem to get right.

War appeals to our most evil tendencies, brutalities and excesses. At the same time it also brings out our most noble emotions, comradeship, love, and selfless patriotism and bravery against the most outrageous odds.

No matter how you frame it “War is a crime” and there is no excuse that justifies it. The powers that order the wars rarely fight them and in this day and age usually profit massively from them. In the days of so called volunteer armies usually staffed by small town kids and minorities the myth of war is likened to choosing up teams in a deadly game while the rest of the population goes on with its consumer dreams un bothered and unaware.

What about so-called “just” wars like WW2 you ask, and on the face of it that war was unavoidable. The mistakes committed after the War to End all Wars WW1 almost ensured there would be a second more deadly conflict.

The current rash of war has to do with the rise of the American empire and the desire to bring the whole world into their orbit so that they can steal and exploit the resources, it’s a fact that to maintain their current depletion of the eco-system, it would require thirty planets the size of earth.

Endless war is unsustainable and the greed of the 1% is self-defeating. Endless growth of this unequal economic system is quite impossible and the “system” is headed for entropy.

Order of a sort can be maintained with the old boogey-man of external enemies but cannot be maintained when internal unrest results in rebellion.

In Canada the Quebec student protests against neo-liberal imposition of tuition increases showed that when the people be come organized and committed, governments fall.

The current war-criminal re-elected regime in the USA still has its kill list and drone attacks while the MSM plays the party line to manufacture consent for the wishes of the 1%.

War is an unsuitable unsustainable solution to the current problems facing the world, and always will be.