John-Ward Leighton


John-Ward Leighton: 4:30 Hrs, And Confusion In My Heart
Photo ©Copyright 2011 by John-Ward Leighton
another cuppa tea
maybe, maybe,
and like an insect attracted to the light
I cannot shake the chill
of the early morning
the mailbox has only warnings
of Nazis in the woodwork
but nothing we really didn’t know
because they are hiding in plain sight

while the guilty walk unpunished
and justice is constantly perverted
and the promises of politicians
reduced to the rhetoric of bumper stickers
the PR firms pound on the door
proclaiming that the tar sands
are clean and by clean
I’m not sure what they mean
my vision is blurred by the exhaust from your SUV

the focus of the OCCUPY
is how could they allow that girl to die
and like the hobo jungles of yore
its brother can you spare a dime
and for the 99%
the 1% say for you less is more
your iPod was made by slave labour
the pictures on your fancy laptop
put money in the 1% pockets

perhaps to distract us
with yet another war
to go with the two ten year old wars
that our side has already lost
that’s the ticket, it really doesn’t matter
what it cost
sliding from disaster to disaster
seven billion and counting
and hunger and disease mounting

but I am old and running out of time
and my second cuppa tea
is lukewarm
my face itches
and begs for my daily shave
a habit to which I’ve become a slave
Miles on the sound track
in upbeat fashion in part
distracting me from

the confusion in my heart