Yvonne Legge

Yvonne is from Newfoundland, Canada, is 43 years old and married with two adult sons. She started writing poetry as a young girl and is in the process of writing a Book.

Yvonne Writes:

As a young girl I would often visit the home a WW1 War Veteran who survived “The Battle Of Beaumont Hamel”. His name was Archibald Pollett from my hometown. He was wounded in the stomach while going over the top to fight the German soldiers. I have asked him many questions about his war experiences. He told me of the horrors that he had been through and have witnessed. Tears would fill his eyes as he told me about having to sleep in the cold, muddy trenches. He said that the rats were as big as cats and they ran rampant and they would gnaw on you while you were asleep. He told me about his two friends Moses Cranford and Kenneth Woodman both from my hometown.

Kenneth was running behind Moses while going over the top. Kenneth was shot in the head and died instantly. Moses was wounded in the stomach; he crawled about five miles holding his inners in with one hand until finally the Red Cross workers found him. Moses survived to return home and grow old, he was a lucky man.

My Uncle, George Howell was in WW2, he was trained to use heavy artillery. He fought in Italy along side his friend John Higdon. They both enlisted and returned home at the same time. My husband’s Uncle, Edward Legge, was in WW2 and the Korean War. Edward was in the navy, the ship that he was on was torpedoed. He and his crewmates were put on another ship only to be torpedoed again on the same day. Uncle Edward survived this ordeal but he never forgot it.

Archiblad Pollett, Moses Cranford, John Higdon, George Howell and Edward Legge have all passed on. To keep their memories alive as well as all the other brave people my website is a tribute and memorial. We have to tell the young generation about these brave people so that when we are long gone they too will honour them.

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