Lloyd Edwin Lawrence Sr

Lloyd E. Lawrence Sr
Lloyd E. Lawrence Sr: Montage created by Lloyd’s Son
(used with permission)

Lloyd found the art of Classical English Poetry while battling Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. The cancer required Chemotherapy and radiation, which caused a great depression to befall him. He has been in remission for over ten years now, which amounts to a cure.

In an effort to stay busy, he started to write Roses Are Red style poetry. His lovely wife, seeing the need for a rhyming dictionary, bought one for him. The first 32 pages contained a tutorial section. Lloyd being an Engineer with a proclivity for the empirical immediately saw the science in the art. “I can do this.” was the conclusion he came to.

Many friends and family members agree and have encouraged him to publish over the years.

The entrepreneurial spirit has kept him busy in high technology.

With ten grown children and over two score grandchildren to think about at Christmas, he decided to self-publish his first work. “Jungle Berry Poetry™ … Favorites Edition”, is a selection of more than one hundred from the multiple hundreds of poems Lloyd has written. The selections include a broad potpourri of Humor, 1940s Childhood Nostalgia, Philosophy and other works. Memories of a horrific childhood are manifested in poems like, “The Runaway” and The “Electric Chair.”

Lloyd has written many of his poems in the third person reflecting the interesting “Best of Times… Worst of Times” life experience that has brought him to nearly seventy years of age.

Lloyd sees Classical forms, as templates that assure a poem will sing well and uses poetry as a story-telling vehicle.

His Children’s Poetry is extremely well done. Themes are present such as “Never Talk to Strangers” Told about Bad Wolf Gray and Kiddy Lamb.

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