Jeffrey J. Lashoones

Jeff served with the USMC in Vietnam during 1968


Everyone looks forward to tomorrow
A fresh start, a brighter day
For me there is no tomorrow
Just a repeat of today and yesterday
There are no hopes, no dreams to follow
No rainbows to chase in any way
Because I know tomorrow will be
Just another day

As the day ends and the sky turns dark
So does the mind
This is a time for reflections and memories
Those of a better time
Now the memories are all I have
No life, no future, just mere recollections of
The way it once had been
And knowing deep down inside
That those things can never be again
Maybe tomorrow will be better in some small way;
Oh, but what the Hell
It’s just another day

A social life, what is that
I have no real friends
With whom to sit and chat
No one to listen to what my inner voice has to say
Or to look at and be seen in a different sort of way
No one close to help me muddle through
Another day

I no longer feel like a man
Just a mere empty shell
As for my mind and soul
They have already gone to Hell;
I can no longer love the one who means the most to me,
To hold, caress, be intimate with in the way it was meant to be
Oh how I want this and how hard I’ll try to make it be
But the damn tool just wont work for me
Maybe tomorrow, or so you say
But in my mind that’s
Just another day

At night I lay in darkness
As the glint of hope grows dim
I think about the heartache, the suffering, the pain
And wonder if there is anything left to gain
If only I could take that one final step into the darkness
The pain and heartache would all go away
But then I open my eyes and, damn
It’s another day

With no one to listen
And not much left to say
I leave with just one request
Please God, don’t make me go through
Another day