Ronnie M. Lane

Ronnie M. LaneRonnie was born in 1949 and has been writing poetry and fiction since 1972. He studied English at Grand Valley State University, Allendale, Michigan USA and is the founder of Free Books Inc., a source of free literature for 35 years. Ronnie is the author of 12 books of poetry, one book of short stories, one comic book and one unpublished novel. To read more of writings, visit his personal website, Tfishqu Unleashed on the Web.

Tfishqu Unleashed On The Web
More of Ronnie’s writings are on his personal website


Walking wounded, bandaged, aimlessly
Shuffling toward the rear, beyond the sounds of war.
Unarmed and armless they are wounders no more.

War wears the face of a crying child;
Old men on their way out take young men with them.
Politicians write the romance of battle
Soldiers do the kissing with Death.
In war there are no stunt doubles, no extra takes.
Broken bodies beat the drum
Pooling blood finds no metaphor to water.

Hearts turn to stone even as nerves
Are ripped akimbo from their limbs.
Common decency and violent depravity
Are both acts of heroism and somehow equal.

Eager to escalate, eager to help each other die,
The picnic lunch has been eaten
And must be worked off.

Stain on fresh white snow, jellied upon the earth
The acrid taste of smoke and adrenalin stains our teeth.

Death is a spilling, emptying, spreading, dissipating;
Life is an attempt to contain, to quantify, to sop,
A battle against nature won only for a moment.