Keiko Kuroki

Keiko Kuroki is a young lady, about 23 years old who is studying English as a second language and has become a dear and close friend of my daughter and her family who were living in Japan for several months because of work commitments of my daughter’s husband. I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Keiko during a recent visit to Hiroshima, Japan. At my daughter’s insistence, I agreed to read a short story written by Keiko as an English project and was not only impressed at her ability to put together the words to make the story believable, but at the story itself. Certainly, some terminology and phrasing make it clear that English is her second language, but I found that “failing” to be part of the sense of authenticity that deeply stirred my emotions. After some hesitancy on her behalf, I obtained her permission to add the story to this site; convinced that the subject matter was very much in keeping with the guidelines and goals of the IWVPA.

I am also acutely aware that the topic is still the cause of great emotion from all walks of life, particularly those who fought and gave their lives in the horror that was World War 2, specifically, the Pacific Theatre, but after reading the story, I am convinced that you will find, as I did, the story is not an indictment or accusatory piece whatsoever – it is more a moving story of survival and reality.

To illustrate my feelings about the story and how it is so poignantly compiled, I wrote the short poem that is included below the index of the story: it will, perhaps, assist in understanding the reasons for my decision to include the work.

Anthony W. Pahl
IWVPA Webmaster
September 27, 2001

8:15 by Keiko Kuroki


My heart grieves
for the thousands who died
in Hiroshima and Nagasaki:

My soul exalts
at the scores of thousands of lives
saved by the shortening of the war:

My mind reels
at the thought, the fear:
could it happen again?

Sorrow ~ Joy ~ Fear

Which will be noticed?
Which will be remembered?

©Copyright July 29, 2001 by Anthony W. Pahl