Lou J. Klaiber


Morrigan, of my Mother’s dreams.
… shapeshifter!
… Raven of battle!

Crow upon my shoulder!
Why come ye to an old breed of red blood
and the distance of war.
and death.

What message to an old warrior Morrigan?

Shapeshifter, you are my love. My companion
dreaming me home… and I arrived!

We are lovers perhaps!

For all of time!
Badb has flown upon the field of my battles
and touched the many scars I carry.

I am old, yet never weary
of you, nor of my birth at Samhein… and I honor
and remember
the red face
of my Father… grown cold, and
grey, and naked… dead!
… with an Eagle feather in his hands,
and the history of his people weeping for days
… and days
remembering his gifts.

Fly with me Morrigan
toward the clear, dark canyons
of time.

fly with me.