Lou J. Klaiber


IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry
Awarded: March 4, 2003
after all these years
am I so addicted to you?

Why do I love your memory,
mountains and ridges,
and robed monks
bowing to the Buddha morning?

Buses loaded with morning people and market wares!

The sky that smiled upon all the deception and lost dreams

The days of AK’s and M-16’s!

Why do I love the mighty Mekong
………… the Black Virgin rising above the floor of you!

The smell of lost dreams and incense at midnight?

Why do I love the memory of my brothers’ faces… sleeping.

Why did you seduce me with your curved body
lying beside the South China Sea?

Why? Oh Vietnam,
can I not stop……… loving you?

The seed of the Lotus
burns within.

This poem prompted the response, “The Answer” ~ ©Copyright February 19, 2003 by David R. Alexander