Mark I. Kirkmeyer

(A Vision)

Mark I. Kirkmeyer: Wounded WarriorHe lays wounded
In fresh fallen snow
Not of The People
A Pale Face
But of The People
A black raven
And white eagle
Watch as
A silver wolf
licks the wounds

Author’s Note: Vision seen on the afternoon of August 22, 2004: Tony, please share this one with JJ, I’d like to know his interpretation

Mark, remember that this is my view of your vision. Also keep in mind that some will think that you are nuttier than a fruitcake for believing in visions and of visiting spirits. Many felt that way about Becca, calling her a fake and fraud. However that is of no consequence to those who knew her and remember that among her own people she was considered to be a powerful Shaman, a Healer and to some a Kachina as was her mother Sara.

Most of the Tribes of the SW call themselves the People, however almost without exception all refer to the Apaches as the People. The raven is considered to be a messenger of Usen and is sent to deliver his words. The Eagle is the symbol of power and strength in the Apache Nations and is associated with the “Grey One” one of their most powerful and least known Gods. Remember that her family is of the “Eagle Clan”. The Wolf is a symbol of cunning and believe it or not healing as well. The Wolf also symbolizes strength and family. Becca often said that she saw her mother Sara in the guise of a Wolf or Lion when she lived in the canyon area.

Also there was another that Becca gave the name of “Small Wolf” too because she believed that she was a healer even though like Becca she was of small stature and often overlooked.


She has brought you into the Clan, you are now one of “The People”, you are no longer a white man, but are an Apache Warrior.

The Raven was sent by Usen to deliver a message to you and looked on as you were given the words of Usen. The White Eagle was Becca as she watched over your spirit and gave you her love and protection while the Wolf was her mother Sara who gave you the gift of healing and life.

I’m sure that somewhere in the background of this, there was a very big and very Dark Eagle and several other large Eagles as well. He is called the Dark One, the Night Eagle and he is her adopted father, the only man that she ever called “Daddy”. In life he was called GreyEagle.

The others are those that stand with him and with the “Grey One” they are the forces that protect the night. I’m also sure that there was a warm light in the distance that gave you comfort and warmth as it grew lighter. That was “Morning Light”, her mother and keeper of the soul of the “Dark One”.

Why would she visit you? Why would she bring such forces to you? It’s real simple Mark. She loved you and there is nothing that she would not do to help and protect those that she loves. She asks nothing in return, the same as in life, all she wants is for you to heal your heart and soul and to rid yourself of the demons of anger and hatred.

Also remember that you are closer to the four corners now than you were in San Diego and that is one of the regions where she is the strongest because it is scared to her, her family and to just about every Indian Tribe in the Western United States. The other area is down at Weaver.

She’s with you Mark, She’s with you each and every day and she’s trying to help you back to who you really are.

There you go my friend; you asked for my interpretation, that’s it. JJ

©Copyright August 28, 2004 by JJ