Mark I. Kirkmeyer


In this life I am middle aged
This life of inaction forced on me
In the old life I am ancient
The life of action of a warrior
Only for the young

My nephew, the husband of my niece,
A warrior of the 3rd Armored Cavalry
Came to me, “Uncle aging and wise
Do you see reason to what I do?”
Leaving for the sands

“When you squeeze the trigger
Don’t think about who you kill;
They are nothing more than animals.
Think of those you let live
For your fight is just.”

“The Qur’an says fighting
To oppose oppression is good.
The militants forget they oppress!
Ensure the right to submit
The way God tells individual”

“If that is what you fight for
No sacrifice is too great
Though open and honest
You must be. Tell all
Why you fight!”