Mark I. Kirkmeyer


Who are we?
To think we are the chosen
We who fight and kill
In His name
Who are we?

Fighting for land sacred to Him
Didn’t He create all lands?
Does He love one more than others?
Do we love one child more than another?
Who are we?

The war has been fought for centuries
To what end, to what goal
Does He really want us killing our cousins?
What is the purpose of the war?
Who are we?

Crusaders crossed their known world
To free the “Holy Lands”
From another people
Who held the place equally sacred.
Who are we?

French Protestants were slaughtered
For they are infidels.
Killing became easy
Because someone declared His will.
Who are we?

Women tortured and burned
For they are infidels;
They may have power
To oppose our Church.
Who are we?

“Gott ist mit uns” on the blade
As gas, lead, and flame do their work.
Piles buried in unmarked graves;
The “Master Race” serving Him.
Who are we?

“Inshalla” is yelled.
Aircraft slices through steel.
Thousands fall to their deaths;
They were infidels
Who are we?

Our history of speaking for Him:
The worst atrocities for Him.
Are we really listening?
Is this what He Says?
Who are we to speak for Him?