Mark I. Kirkmeyer


They stepped forward
in a time of need.
They did what needed
to be done at the time

in a field
near Lexington
as shot heard
the world round

suffered frostbite
at Valley Forge
blood and sorrow
birthed a country

halted the invader
outside Baltimore
the capital burned
to the ground

fought a brother
at Gettysburg
established an
unbreakable union

scaled the mountain
at Santiago
announcing a
world power

fought above himself
at San Antonio
courage and honor

charged the trenches
at Ypres
nobody else
will suffer this

charged the beaches
at Normandy
chasing the oppressors
of Europe

forded the river
at Injim Gauk
battered beaten
but not defeated

jumped from helicopters
at Thon La Chu
not knowing why
but doing their duty

injured and flown home
from Point Salinas
to free the island
from Communism

chased a drug lord
through Panama City
to save lives
in our city streets

firing a laser
outside Baghdad
guiding a bomb
into a door

They are the spirits
that watch the boy
as he prepares

Near the top
of the world
hunting terrorist

Afraid to face
a man or nation
prepared for their