Mark I. Kirkmeyer


He landed in the Korean Spring
Worked on the flying wing
Brilliant he was in his day
We watched that fade away
Never seeing the family of him

In his sleep he passed
Pain and drugs gone at last
The service is small
Half a dozen: that’s all
Where were the ones, family to him?

Now comes the onslaught
Family scurry for what he’s got
They battle over antique china and silver
If it has value, they pilfer
Where were they when it could matter to him?

“I deserve my piece, I want my part”
Silently she sits face the mask of a broken heart
They never married it wasn’t in him
But she stuck around when his mind was thin.
Where were they when she sat up nights with him?

She has no rights she’s not family
She just cared for him and cleaned his pee
She don’t deserve anything
He never gave her a wedding ring
Where were they when things were bad for him?

One day, the time may be late,
They’ll face St. Peter at the Pearly Gate
He’ll open his great book
Sorrowed by what it took,
“Where were you for him?”