Mark I. Kirkmeyer


Saddam’s Kurdish Victims
Saddam’s Kurdish Victims
Saddam’s Kurdish Victims
We stand on the breach;
Two leaders not bending each.
Twelve years diplomacy tried.
Leaders say the other lied:
What cost peace?

Disarmament was a bust
But what have they done to us?
What do they have, we don’t know.
Mass destruction weapons; they say no:
What cost peace?

The resolution says disarmament show
Chemical weapons they have, we know
It’s not a joke; it’s not for fun
The Kurds are his smoking gun:
What cost peace?

What has he done to us?
Let me discuss
We may be from any place
But we are all from the human race:
What cost peace?

What am I willing to pay;
My life? My son-in-law, I’m proud to say,
He’s there on the scene.
You see, he’s a US Marine:
What cost peace?

We cannot go to war
No matter what the score.
“Our children, we must preserve.”
Some say who never served:
What cost peace?

A cloud of gas rolls along the hills.
The effect is permanent – it kills
Creating blisters on epidermis
Choking is a slow painful path to bliss:
What cost peace?

Guided missiles fracture man-made mountains;
A pile of rubble is all that remains
As they begin their attack.
But we must hold back:
What cost peace?

Others enter our nation, invasive.
How long should we stand passive?
Museums looted by day.
Stand aside – it’s okay:
What cost peace?

Wives and daughters taken away
Forced to pleasure soldier, or pay
When do we stand and protest?
Is peace at any cost best?
What cost peace!

Caption: Saddam’s Kurdish Victims