Mark I. Kirkmeyer


We made a mistake
We started a war
Our reasons our cause
Were just too poor

We should not have fought
Men shouldn’t have died
Not for this cause
The President “lied”

It started with a bang
The loss of the Maine
We wrongly blamed it
On a mine from Spain

Coal powder fire
We must confess
The doom of the ship
Starting the mess

Pay reparations
Give back land taken
To appease those wronged
For their lives shaken

Spain take your lands
We have no right to them
Cuba, Puerto Rico, Philippines
Let us put this to an end

Impeach William McKinley
For the big lie
All record of this
Must die

The “heroes” lower heads
Take on them dishonor and shame
They fought to support a lie
Don’t Remember those names

Abolish the administration
of the false hero scum
Theodore Roosevelt
He should not have won

Let us undo the lie
Go back and rewrite history
Erase the mistake
For Political Glory