Mark I. Kirkmeyer


Why do I enter the breach;
I could be lying on the beach.
Why put myself in harm’s way
every night and every day?
I fight because I love

Moving at night without tire;
Living my life inside and under fire.
Why live my life in mud and sand
grenade launcher held gently in hand?
I fight because I love

Target acquired it is time to fight.
Bomb; follow my little laser light
adding another crater to the landscape.
Years of conflict have given it this shape
I fight because I love

Who is it that I love so?
My wife? The answer, no:
She said give up the fight
join her in satin sheets at night.
I fight because I love

Freedom the mistress I speak of
Liberty the lady that I love
She touches all and one
within my home my nation
I fight because I love