Mark I. Kirkmeyer


Sit down you FNG
Be calm and quiet
I’ll fill you in
The secret they hide
We are already dead
You crossed the bridge
You entered Hades
Though we are told
Hold this piece of land
There will be no relief
We are the excuse
The American people
Will only come help
If some American’s die
Our support will blow the bridge
Hold the south river’s edge
We will be overrun
Captured and killed
So we are already dead
We thirst for life
Anything that reminds
Us of our human lives
The taste of drink
Is extra sweet
Even the pain of hang-over
Reminds us of life
The taste of a woman’s lips
The feel of her skin and curves
Though weak replacements for love
Remind us of life
FNG don’t worry about death
Just do your job
Try to enjoy your free time
Hope for redemption
When your time is done.