Mark I. Kirkmeyer


Here I sit on the eve of Veteran’s Day.
As I contemplate recent events;
I realize that we have taken a 40 year back step.
The new goal is to abandon Iraq
with the same diligence that was performed
in ‘75 at Saigon.
We have already seen the families of the fallen
Spit on and heckled
The decline of the economy is blamed on them
Though what would the economy be if
those soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines
were also looking for jobs.
The twin towers collapsing
banks making bad mortgages
people accepting mortgages they knew they couldn’t afford
The economy has nothing to do with these
Big Daddy Government bails out (buys)
Those banks that made bad loans
with the complete support of and
often command of the Congress
especially Congressman Franks
Those Congressmen are eager to point fingers at the President
They spit on my daughter’s grave (Operation Iraqi Freedom),
They spit in my face (1st Persian Gulf War),
They spit in my brother’s face (Iran Hostage Crisis)
They spit in my father’s face (Korean War)
They spit on my uncle’s grave (World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War)
They spit on my father-in-law’s grave (World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War)
They spit on my grandmother’s grave (World War II)
They spit on both her brother’s graves (World War II)
(8th Air Force, Lead Pilot 1st B-17 raid on Berlin, Marine Corps, Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima)

They Spit on her father’s grave (World War I)
And so on back through the long distinguished list of ancestors
every generation having served back to the Revolution
And those before then,
The French and Indian War
Those who witnessed the lies of the witch trials
Back to those who came here ten years after the Mayflower.