Mark I. Kirkmeyer


They’ve always served
Respectfully silent
Loving devotion
Throughout history

The knight and soldiers
March off to combat
The lady stays behind
Guarding the castle

Muskets erupt flame
Blood soaks battlefields
The lady left behind
Tending farm or shop

Landing craft open gates
Warriors charge beaches
The lady back at home
Making his supplies

Desert peace keepers
Draw fire for freedom
Their spouses at home
Mind the house and kids

Those that stay at home
Make it possible
For those in the breech
To perform their jobs

Maintain the home front
Never loosing respect
Loving and caring
Their men and women

Warriors need them
To anchor their soul
In Valley of Death
Soldiers touch Devil

As the Devil’s touch
Assault soldier’s mind
Loved ones anchor them
Granting hope and light

Loved ones deserve more
Than we give to them
Because without them
Our souls would be lost.