Mark I. Kirkmeyer


The groom all smiles on this date
For his bride to appear he must wait
Radiant and beautiful dressed in white
She glides down the aisle to his side
He stands the Honor Wait

Proud father stands before a glass plate
For a nurse to show his child he must wait
Joy and happiness fill his heart
He has a new baby to care for
He stands the Honor Wait

Footsteps on a rubber mat in a measured gait
The lone soldier marches his wait
Glare from white marble shines
Honor duty for those unknown
He marches the Honor Wait

Soldier in red; eyes and head straight
The lone soldier stands his wait
The palace at his back
Honor duty for Her Majesty
He stands the Honor Wait

He stands beside the bed gate
Sorrow in his heart is great
She had been with him most of his life
She now has untreatable cancer
He stands the Honor Wait

Quiet, somber and sedate
The bugler stands his wait
A live send-off with TAPS
For a forgotten soldier
He blows the Honor Wait.

Submitted for the April 2004 IWVPA Theme Project, “The Wait