Mark I. Kirkmeyer


Indian Healer by Marilyn Le Chastaignier
Indian Healer by Marilyn Le Chastaignier
She walks silently through the lands of her forefathers; winged serpent staff in one hand, traditional medicine bag in the other. She kneels down and touches the Pale Face warrior dressed in traditional battle gear and paint. He is an oxymoron: the bringer of death and destruction – his bow rains down terror on those he opposes; the protector of life and teacher of love – his touch sends healing power, and his words soothe the soul.

She embraces him like a brother though no blood ties them. Her touch heals his soul. Manipulating his psyche to the goals of the Great Spirit, her voice rides on the wind, calling him back from the abyss where the Trickster has lured him.

He kneels and kisses her hand.