Mark I. Kirkmeyer


The two leaders
Dividing the nation
Like only twice
Before in history

“Patriots and Loyalists”
“Union and Confederates”
The founding fathers
Warned of this split

Political Parties
Create division
End diplomacy
What’s it about?

Some say the war
Some say the economy
They’ve all been duped
It’s about power
“Haves and have-nots”

No cares for people
Just the power
The duped grant them
While the leaders
Fight with words
For personal and party power

Those dedicated to protecting life
At the cost of their own
Bleed and die
For their foe sees
In the political infighting
An opening and opportunity

Their dedication
Fanatical and Patient
Will prevail against
Indifference and impatience

Will the loss of honorable souls
For establishing security
For allowing anarchy
For granting freedom
For allowing tyranny

History will tell
Now it eats at me
Disloyal to both parties
Loyal to my brethren
The Order of Blood

They stand at the precipice
They say “Sleep well
For I will not allow
Any harm to pass me”

Honor these men and women
Grant them your support
For they will protect you