Mark I. Kirkmeyer


Another one’s gone
It’s her loss
I’ll survive
That’s what I do
Harden my heart

She claimed I’m callow
For I go with the flow
I try to be stress free
That’s what I do
Harden my heart.

My last one said
I’m to intense
To hard driven
That’s what I do
A warrior’s heart

The better part of life
Spent determined and dedicated
Defined by a job.
That’s what I do
Defensive heart

Baptized in the Caribbean
Sworn to defend Democracy
Spreading Communist menace
That’s what I did
Friends die, I go on.

Training keeps in the field
Forest, Jungle, Desert, and Snow
Never home for long
That’s what I did
Wife has gone, I go on.

Twelve years
Dedication driven
Five continents leading teams
That’s what I did
Damaged body, soul, and mind

Now there is no stress
I do things to enjoy
I am callow
That’s what I do
Senses touched by God.

Submitted for the May 2005 IWVPA Club Theme Index, “Callow