Mark I. Kirkmeyer


IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: May 25, 2005
Awarded: May 25, 2005
Out here in the sand
our weapons no longer manned
The conflict is done
They say we have won.
No grunt on Baghdad did stand.

Back pain makes me cry
As the transport starts to fly
Who will be there to meet?
How will they us treat.
We left Saddam but know not why.

A happy celebration
at the air station
free pizza and phone call
no one to for me - nobody at all.
Cheers from a “grateful nation”

Thinking about then
Gallant, heroic men
when they came home
people whined and moan
will they be welcome when?

Parade to show off for those
who our experience will never know
Gallant men march saying they understand
Break formation I shake their hand
Thank you Vietnam bros.

On behalf of me and my wife
I want to thank you saving my life
Because of what you had done
They learned how to a war not run
We did not have to face same strife

Faces run with tears
as the crowd cheers.
We embrace in a hug
This is better than any drug.
No more to see people leer.