Mark I. Kirkmeyer


Battle Scars: Some Wounds Aren’t Seen
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They answer the call
One and all
We need a hero
To defend and go
Some wounds aren’t seen

Leaving port young innocent
To the foreign land their sent
Full of patriotism and honor
Unknowing to the real score
Some wounds aren’t seen

Reality sets in buddies die
‘though save them they try
Mourning and sorrow what’s done
Unknowing KIA the lucky one
Some wounds aren’t seen.

Explosive bursts ripping flesh
Hurriedly stop blood flowing rush
Friend’s alive but torn and maim
Recovery is hospitals aim
Some wounds aren’t seen

Mourning, sorrow, and regret
Alcohol and drugs help forget;
Only cause more trouble moan
Bad conduct shipped home
Some wounds aren’t seen

Left buddies behind more regret
Honor and responsibilities unmet
Pain inside unseen cutting the skin
Attempt to release pain within
Some wounds aren’t seen

Compression pain rise up
“Get it out of head. Man-up”
Drive on duty to the team
Unknown what it will mean
Some wounds aren’t seen.

Twelve years parachute landing
Hundred pounds equipment standing
Hundred pounds weapons humping
Joint discs knees, back compressing
Some wounds aren’t seen.

Doctors with tunnel vision conceal
Never look for cause problem reveal
Duct tape, bailing wire return to front
Pass more drugs allow to return to hunt
Some wounds aren’t seen.

Combat one minute, home in hours
They have superhuman powers
Unable to turn off training
Reactions unable reining
Some wounds aren’t seen

Family don’t understand
Why to church and stand
What was done to hell go
This is all they have to know
Some wounds aren’t seen

Family leaves them behind
Duty unmet in their mind
Immortal spirit has died
To find it they have tried
Some wounds aren’t seen

Endangering thrill seeking
Loveless in their sex taking
Searching for that small way
To prove alive for the day
Some wounds aren’t seen

It’s easier to have visible scar
People recognize see you are
Interior, spiritual, mental injury
Hide, conceal, others don’t worry
Some wounds aren’t seen

Author’s Note: Contribution to the “Some Wounds Aren’t Seen” Series