Mark I. Kirkmeyer


Destiny born to be a warrior
Under the sign of the God of War
In China the Dragon’s year
Dedicated in name to the honored chore

He is lost in the darkness of battle
The field is not Hell but close
Dragons and armored reptiles breathe fire
Banshees scream, demons move in shadows

His armor of camouflage repels demon quills
Black mask seals against corrosive breath
His fire stick erupts, sending darts singing
The pungent odor penetrating the mask is death

In this sea of chaos, there is a line of sanity
A silver thread that keeps him fighting for life
His beacon of hope in the halls of torment
Bound at the far end to home and wife

Though the life line is thin and delicate
Unbreakable when both sides are in tune
Lust and curiosity attack while they’re separate
Thread snaps encompassing him in a tarnished cocoon

No longer fighting for his life duty drive him on
No return missions into the Ninth Plane
Nights spent with alcohol, drugs and succubi
Attempts to hide the tarnished spirit pain

He doesn’t care if he lives or dies
But he is not alone, he is with his brothers
They have reason to return home
He fights on because of duty to others

Battle finished he returned to an empty home
Filled only with memories of what had been
Outward shining, boots, medals, and badges
Nobody sees the darkness he carries within

Nearly a decade he survived without a care
Before the silver thread attached to another
Shortly after they move in to an apartment
He got called back to duty with his brother

He returned to the home land of his youth
Formerly growing and green now burning and dark
He is a key element as memories of youth are used
His former playground becomes an equipment park

He is torn apart watching his youth destroyed
He can look to the south for support
Following the weak new thread to his lady
She did not want to hear his report

The silver thread was not strong enough
To fend of tarnish from both ends
She wanted a lover not a warrior
He accepts the demon to help him defend
The thread is snapped wrapping around him
Immersed in an aura of anger and pain
The demon within thrives in the energy
Great force of will from violence to refrain

The overt battle over the covert battle begins
He fights against his training, his desires
It’s simple on the battlefield, when in doubt kill
Bound with new rules, from society he retires

Another decade this time totally alone
No longer connected with his sisters and brothers
Wandering the streets without a care
Fear even from his father and mother

Body and Soul trapped in corporeal limbo
Unseen, invisible to respectable members of society
She noticed him one day and said hello
She gave him purpose and personal surety

The silver thread attached unexpectedly
Though separated by a full continent
He became dependant on her partnership
The draw to her was potent