Mark I. Kirkmeyer

(Ramblings of a Crazy Man)

It is a sad occasion
She was diagnosed
Cancer Lymphatic System
Not a lot to be done
I vote for a quality life

It caught up to her
The cancerous growths
Press against the larynx
Making it hard to breathe
Unable to eat

No quality of life left
She would be in misery
I made the call
Put her down
Fast and painless

I have sat and watched
Many times on the ward
As humans shriveled in the end
Inflicting more pain in “care”
This is better

I have but one regret;
My brother, the dog’s owner,
Could not be there for her
The cancer he doesn’t know
I believe in truth

The family decided
For my brother’s “good”
Not to tell him.
I can’t face him
Without telling him.

It’s not good for me
But is the good of the one
More important than the many
I decided long ago to sacrifice myself
Protecting others.

It’s what I did in the Army
Go to the front line
For those at home
To be safe

Risk my life
Charging forward
To protect the fallen one
“Leave no brother behind”
It’s been done – but not by me.