Mark I. Kirkmeyer


The air changed as they entered
Sacred Space
Though alone they feel the comfort
Others walking in step
Moonlight makes white limestone shine
The honored rise to salute
Footsteps on rubber mat almost deafening
Guard accompanied by one from each fight
The living warrior sits on a bench
Circled by brothers who fought on Europe Soil

The river calls out
Voices of soldiers who fought their brothers
Voices more modern crashed and drown
The whole area is Sacred Space
Greek style and the spirit of a great writer
Encourage thought
The giant man watching over the united land
The monolith encourages us to dream higher
The pool ripples
The soldier’s reflection fades away

Anger surfaces as he approaches
The long polished black granite wound
The unseen moan and cry with pain
Nurses look on crying
There is too much pain
Men forced from home to war
Politicians wouldn’t let them win
Spirits listen to the debate
In the large domed hall
History repeats.