Mark I. Kirkmeyer


They use us for photo ops everyday
I’m just a soldier with nothin’ to say
Politicians climb over each other to be on top
Not for hatred or honor but the best photo op
Do the soldiers really care?

‘85 five men wait in ambush in falling snow
Not to fight but for a photo op show
four cases of frostbite on the next date
Because the Congressmen were late
Did the Congressmen really care?

President William Clinton with Marines
Makes a wonderful PR scene
Capturing the White House South Lawn
All the scary things must have been gone
Did the President really care?

Senator Hillary Clinton goes to Afghanistan
Not because the soldiers are her fan
Holding up chow to get her face on the news
Hoping that in the primary you will choose
Does the Senator really care?

President George Bush goes to Iraq
Soldiers eating while he sneaks in the back
Enters the room to a resounding cheer
His message to the troops was very clear
He is with them and does care.