Mark I. Kirkmeyer and Friends


I am too young to really know him
But I grew up with his movies on Saturday afternoon.
Stories from my pa of the show he saw
both in Korea and in Vietnam.
On a lonely afternoon I got my first taste
In the Arab Desert, during the Storm,
I couldn’t go to the show;
It was broadcast on radio.
It brought a smile that afternoon.
Through alternating tears and smiles
memories of the years and miles
to a hot December sixty-nine
when I saw a star… and watched it shine.
(Mark I. Kirkmeyer)

A nation mourns their G.I. Bob;
its veterans give collective sob.
Your last show Mr Hope gets the highest rating
“The Road to Heaven”… has your Oscar waiting.
(Randy E. Richmond)

Many Thanks to you, and good-bye, Bob is all I can say
To bring a smile to a soldier’s face in the darkest day
You did not hesitate to put yourself in harm’s way
You were the troops greatest performer
I think in your chest beat the heart of a soldier
(Faye Sizemore)