Mark I. Kirkmeyer


We sat by our dune buggy one night just he and I
Looking up at the star filled sky
Talking about our view of the supreme
We are not so different it would seem

Me a soldier/medic from the most powerful state
Him a soldier/prince from an Arabian island state
When war is entered killing is easy
If you think of your enemy as alien, demonic, or sleazy.

When you start to think of them like me and you
Killing becomes a difficult thing to do
He says the reason he fights is the enemy violated the Koran
I say the reason I fight is to ensure the freedom plan

He has a wife and a daughter back home
I had a wife and a daughter back home
He follows his religions teachings to show his relationship with God
I pray each day and every night to give God the nod

We watch the lights in the sky change
American and Allied planes enter the range
Streams of light climb into the sky
Searching for a plane ready to die

Bombs explode in a distant town
Ripping destruction and knocking down
It is a beautiful fireworks display
as close to sleep we lay

Why do we fight with such intent
We are not so different.