Mark I. Kirkmeyer


The Dreams Return
I have mellowed with time
Or have I just come to understand
That I am no longer in danger
Holding life and death in my hand
I was strung tight ready to break
When it was that I returned home
While I slept fear moved my family
Near me no one would roam.
Sleeping in short catnaps
Patrolling the city streets at night
Nightmares invade my rest
Not visions of my finished fight
Paranoid vision they seem to be
Skyscrapers falling in flames
Masked gunmen shooting up churches
Atrocities to numerous to name.
Visions not only invaded my sleep
But infiltrated my waking times also
Fear and despair filled my soul
Vest and sidearm everywhere I go
Faces of people I knew, called friend
Distorted, burned, in tortured cries
Vision that dig deep to my soul
Burning images in my eyes
It was this man, buried now inside
That throws a bayonet at a brother
That slept with pistols under pillow
Left society to protect the others
It he, who was found at a Stand-Down
The councilor contacted his family
Love forced them to give a second chance
It was this man locked in the VA times three
Who finally concurred the Visions
Or at least it would seem
The visions have returned
Invade my dreams
Causing me to look longingly
To end the Paranoia, to end the stressors
To end the Dreams, to break away
To no longer have the pressure