Mark I. Kirkmeyer


“I love a man in uniform!”
Big mistake
Love the man
Accept the uniform

When you see a man in uniform
What do you see?
The heroic stories
… of chivalry
The glamour of the man
… at the press conference
Razor sharp creases
Baby face with deep eyes
Confident strength
The uniform does make the man

The uniform misleads
You don’t see:
The mud
… from a distant jungle
The sand
… in the underwear
The blood
… from the friend
… that died in his arms
The skin
… from the friend
… that just vanished
The brown stain
… from the first fire fight
The yellow stain
… from the insertion

Can you live with:
The scars
Waking up
… in a puddle of sweat
Being hit by flailing arms
… fighting for his dream life
Days of silence
Nights alone
… as he sits vigil somewhere

Love the man
Accept the uniform.