Mark I. Kirkmeyer


“Lawmakers and other observers say they are concerned that the struggle to fill the military ranks in this time of war has forced the services to lower their moral standards.”

Lawmakers are concerned about the military having to grant waivers to recruits but this is a result of the lawmakers’ very own actions. If these very lawmakers had not cut the military by more than 50% after the First Gulf War then the dramatic increase in military strength after being attacked by a determined enemy would not be required. Our lawmakers did this knowing that we would have to go back to Iraq to eliminate the horror of Saddam Hussein. Evan with the First World Trade Center Attack, our lawmakers reduced our military and our international law enforcement capabilities. Under continual “terrorist attack”, the lawmakers continued to cut military and international law enforcement capabilities.

We must remember that after the Second World War both Germany and Japan took six years and eight years to take control of their own states. Germany had a history with the democratic process prior to the war; it was how Hitler rose to power. Japan was left with the Imperial Family still intact allowing some continuation of the prior government. In Iraq the Recovery has only been working for three years, add to this a nation with no history of true democracy and the complete destruction of the previous government and governmental system. New individuals have to be trained, in both job requirements and ethics, to fill all positions in the government. Historically it has taken more forces to “restore the peace” than it takes to “fight the war”. The War in Iraq is over. It ended when the leader of that nation was captured. Restoring the peace in Iraq and Afghanistan is the current mission.

I have listened to many “lawmakers” claim that the “War in Iraq” and in Afghanistan is turning into quagmire like Vietnam. I have to agree that this is true. Just as in Vietnam, weapons, supplies, and combatants are crossing “national borders” to attack American forces and Iraqis, who are trying to take charge of their nation. Just as in Vietnam, our lawmakers are denying the forces in danger the right to pursue the threat to where ever it comes from. I often wonder what General Patton would have done he been told, “You’ve liberated France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Don’t go into Germany alone.”

I also know that after World War II, General’s said to continue into the Soviet Union but they were stopped by lawmakers. The difference is that the Soviet Union was our allies and actively assisting in the downfall of the Germans. Pakistan may fall into this category but the other nations where weapons, supplies, and combatants are “being funneled through”, stored, or trained do not.