Mark I. Kirkmeyer


“Six Minutes” wakes me
From my diversion
Pressure from my ruck
Sets on my groin
Time seems to stretch
Red light fills the plane
Struggle to my feet
Hook the cable
Check my package
“All Okay”
Ramp lowers
Dark moonless night
Five hundred feet
Dune Buggy goes out
Adrenaline Pumping
I follow
Wind rips
One Thousand.
Heart stops
Two Thousand.
Static line stretched
Three Thousand.
Risers pass my ears
Four Thousand.
Parachute opens
Release rucksack
Hit the sand
Roll to the ground
Release the riser strap
Parachute collapses
Open canvas weapons case
Magazine in the well
Roll up parachute
Activate personal com
“Doc, we need you”
Grab my ruck
Run to the injured
“How is it, Doc?”
Broken leg
Dune buggy pulls up
Load equipment
Stabilize the leg
Get the captain in the vehicle
Seatbelt him in
Use a rope
Pull the leg
Secure the leg
Burn the excess
Move out
Three dune buggies
On the run