Mark I. Kirkmeyer


The sun was a circle
The far side of clouds
Depression reigns
Why am I around
I wonder

My wars, though won,
Changed nothing
Others had to die
Victory didn’t bring
I wonder

Close my eyes
Faces flash by
To many to fast
Taken to die
I wonder

Does anyone remember
Does anyone care
About the multitude
Protect they dare
I wonder

My sister walked in
She got all the family’s looks
“Get off your Grump”
Mail stack thick as my book
I wonder

High Graduation Invitation
For the girl I delivered
Their car broke down
Baby came before transferred
I know

College Graduation Invitation
For the young man pulled free
He flipped his car off the bridge
“An Angel saved him” that’s me
I know

A difference I’ve made
Saved a few touched more
Working through love
Accomplished great score
I know