Mark I. Kirkmeyer


I was young dumb
And full of cum
I joined the Army
Airborne Infantry
I served

The President an actor
“He can’t be a leader”
He told us to make a stand
On a Caribbean Island
I served

He told us to stop the drugs
Leaving our families with hugs
A war that had borders? No!
An Army that blends into the flow
I served

Watching the threat to the north
Ice, snow, rain and bitter cold a force
“Keep Up the Fire” went home
our new motto “Stands Alone”
I served

Take out a dictator in Central America
The drug trafficker Manuel Noriega
A fought on land once friendly
Deployed unquestioningly
I served

The President a Big Oil Man
“Protecting his assets his plan”
Off to the Biblical Land
To fight in blowing sand
I served

A riot during election campaigning
out of college, deployed without complaining
The city streets of my youth
breaching my sense of truth
I served

The President a coward
“Went to Moscow during the Nam War”
“Can’t think three inches beyond his pelvis”
Ordered us to Yugoslavia “defend the peace”
I served

Friends came home in black bags
Abandon to their fate by the head rags
Question leadership I should have
Continued till kicked out
I served

Back pain unbearable
Knee pain unstable
Mentally undependable
Doctors say unhelpable
I served!

Never once did I question
The validity of an election
Never once did I question
The President’s intention
I served.