Mark I. Kirkmeyer


I have been to heaven
And I have walked in hell
There is something that I know
If you will listen closely I’ll tell

In her eyes I’ve seen it
The flicker of the light
The love held in heaven
The glory oh so bright

She binds me to the goodness
The things we all hold dear
A simple look from her
And everything is clear

I felt the flames of hell
Bursting at my feet
The Devil reaching for me
His base drum he did beat

As I clawed in the mud
Terror grabbed a hold
Foreign lands I’m fighting
And darkness I behold

Her love it swept through me
to energize and purify
What else can it be;
Cling to life must I try

Nobody else should see
The things I’ve seen
There are holes in the roof of hell
They cherish where they’ve been

But since they can’t return here
They’ll take you with them
You can never escape
Once you have seen them

It takes a special love
To want to stay together
With a soldier who’s seen hell
A love that will last forever

For it is heaven sent
And what God brings
Shall be eternal
As the angel sings.